Simran – Makeup Shoot – Safarsaga Films Wedding Photographer in Chandigarh

There is nothing as frustrating as getting poor photographs on your big day. But with our latest shoot with a beautiful bride, Simran, we can assure that worrying about close shots or the candid ones won’t be an issue. There is a lot to worry about in the wedding but with Safarsaga Films the Best Professional Photographer in Chandigarh, you can blindly trust us.

Simran’s makeup was done by Shubhdeep Gill (@makeupbyshubhdeepgill) and let us says that she brought the necessary colours that quintessentially enhanced bride’s Punjabi look. If you are planning to get hitched we would definitely recommend to you @makeupbyshubhdeepgill for your bridal makeup.

The shots taken by Safarsaga Films were no less. We focused on each and every details of the bride. From capturing the intricacies of her big day to focusing on her attire and jewellery, we left nothing behind. The one shot that particularly managed to drop our jaws was the one where she smiles under her ghunghat and everything seems beautifully magical to us. It has everything in it, her happiness brims like a dawn leading to the sunrise.

It’s her ethereal beauty, Shubhdeep Gill’s talent, and Safarsaga Film’s art that give life to songs like Aaj Din Chadeya Tere Rang Warga, Phool Sa Khila Hai Aaj Din.

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