About us

About Us

Safarsaga Films as the name suggest is the journey of our clientele that is captured and filmed through our lens with a quirky and different approach to give you an immemorial saga of your life. With a knack for creativity and passion for making your specials days as precious as it ought to be, we know and understand the depth of creating an opulent experience. Safarsaga Films Best Wedding Photographer Chandigarh, Mohali, Delhi and near by area.

For us, filming and photography are not just a job that we picked from the sideline and unlike every Tom-Dick-Harry, we do not possess DSLR's just out of curiosity. For us, it is our ethereal passion to etch heartfelt stories straight out of the core of your hearts. We are a bunch of ebullient people who are experts in wedding photography and cinematography. We are also avid learners of new skills so that we could unfurl the newer dynamics of the wedding photography and filming. Nothing that we sell is repetitive, nor is it plain.

Quintessentially, we believe in creating beautiful stories, sagas, for the to-be-wedded couples. The wedding is the most important day of one's life. Not only is the wedding day important but also the days when your relationship started to embark on this new journey. We love to hear your story and present a saga from the day 1 when the little cupid stroke your heart with his cute little love arrows. Wedding days are all about bringing two families together and most importantly, rollercoaster of the bride's mind. We understand the feelings that the bride went through as Safarsaga is led by a female entrepreneur Naina Nanda. Call it a Gods' will that the females are naturally imbibed with the wedding fever. Those happy moments of being with your soul mate and those times when you a shed bucket of tears knowing the fact that you will leave an integral part of life behind, your parents. So, let us be a part of your beautiful journey and render you with a lifetime of cherishing moments packed with the magic of love and an everlasting forever-together story.

Safarsaga Films is a production company that is one step ahead of its competitors. As bringing the change in the field of photography and filming, we further render services to fashion events and customized portfolios. Long gone are the days when you used to take shots avoiding the minimalistic details and followed the herd in terms of capturing the shots. Change is what need and changes are what we aim for. Being one of the USP's of Safarsaga Films, we focus on change so that the shoots illuminate as an epitome of contemporary cinematic records. Using the advanced skills, either wedding shoots or fashion events, we film and edit diligently your most important and treasured events.

Infused with creativity, we further plan to expand our venture in the field of covering Travel Stories, Documentaries, and City Feature Films. There is no stopping us until we bring change that we strive for. All in all, it is truly said that "Be the change you want to see in the world." And we, with the most powerful weapon that is Camera already started on the path of changing the mechanics of photography and cinematography.

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