Safarsaga films the render quality services by creating strong heartfelt stories. We capture timeless portraits and film priceless moments to bring visual and emotional impact to the clientele.


 With a strong sense of composition and story-telling, we capture exquisite expressions and moments at the right timing. Your experience with us will be a jovial journey.


We offer customized services as well. From customized portfolios to the customized events such as Wedding Photography, Best Wedding Highlight, Fashion Photography, Pre Wedding Shoot Photographer; you name it and be prepared to be dazzled.


Safarsaga Films is known to be creating paramount relationships with its clientele. With an aim of customer satisfaction, we are available seven days week and just a call away. +91 96462 19269

Wedding Photography

Your precious moments are our lifelong life-long passion. Nothing is as auspicious and as authentic as your wedding day. The wedding photography is all about you, no matter the place or time, be it as simple or luxurious, it is the jovial day of the celebration of two souls becoming one. Everyone wants to be a part of strong love and connection to the couple that perhaps is the most beautiful and incredible event of life which is meant to be seized. Safarsaga Films the best wedding photographer in Chandigarh will capture those astounding moments; unscripted, straight through your heart and diverging elegantly through our lens.

Pre Wedding Shoot Photographer

Let's encapsulate those hidden moments of your relationship and create a saga out of it. Pre wedding shoot photographer quintessentially display your love and affection towards each other. With fewer eyes set on you, it becomes easier to shoot enigmatic romantic and flirtatious moments. The big wedding day comes with its own responsibilities and with a lot on your hand, it does not allow you to experiment with pictures and present the journey of your relationship. Safarsaga Films the best professional photographer in Chandigarh do things a little bit different in terms planning the whole shoot that ensures gorgeous pre wedding shoot photographer in Chandigarh that you will admire for the rest of your life.

Fashion Photography

Either it is photography or filming, events unfurling before us will be captured through our lens and relive in their timeless glory. A deep sense of perception and creativity are paramount to make a project success when it comes to fashion shoots. Fashion photography are our specialty among many others. You will witness a dedicated team that has best of best to you with the assistance of the best equipment. With the experienced directors, producers and cinematographers, Safarsaga Films the fashion photographer in Chandigarh offers you to engage in our services.

Maternity Shoots - Safarsaga Films

Pregnancy is a major phase that a mother embarks and experiences the developmental milestones in her belly. There is nothing as pure as the mother carrying her little of bundle of joy in her belly. Let us be a part of this immaculate experience. Safarsaga Films the best professional photographer in Chandigarh would love to record all those moments right from the start till the newborn is in your arms. We know how important a child is to the mother and we ensure you that the maternity photo shoot will render a warm sparkle in your eye whenever you'll or your kid will look back.

Event Photography

Safarsaga Films is an organized team of Event Photographers that chronicles compelling and professional pictures of individuals and groups for their meaningful events. We encapsulate moments that can effectively converse your event's activities to the masses or simply as an enriching memory for yourself. Safarsaga Films the best wedding highlight also render multiple penitent end results and services to help you share and provide those gracious memories. From personal events to corporate events, we cater to your all needs and requirements.

Baby Shoot Photography

Remember the day when you get to know that "a little me" version will be dazzling you for the rest of your life? And then the little bundle of joy was handed over to you it for the first you got jitters. It was a jubilant experience. Safarsaga Films administers baby shoots as well to seize different yet mesmerizing phases of a child. The babbling of the child, the cooing, the million dollar smile, and their sudden awestruck moments makes us jump out of joy as much as it does for you. Safarsaga Films the Baby Shoot Photography is all about capturing and filming precious moments of your life, and the babies are what we hold dear. They are our happy campers.

Music Videos

Coming from a professional experience of assisting many companies as Asst Directors and Creative Directors, we have a history of working with the music industry as well. There is nothing more fun and learning experience than to be on the sets. Safarsaga Films is one such venture that goes beyond its limit when it comes to filming music videos. Our videos specifically produced to engage the audience in an earnest way. We master the art of visual and try our best to project of what you had in mind. With hours of trimming and adjustment on a professional editing suite, we assure you the unlimited supply of happiness with our work.

Short Films

As the name suggests, Safarsaga Films the Professional Photographer in Chandigarh is a filming venture that adheres to art the motion pictures. It is our ulterior motive to be a renowned short filming venture catering travel stories, documentaries, and city feature films. Be it a lapse project to showcase the hidden truths buried deep down or a descriptive documentary – our enthusiastic team got all covered. We take pride in creating meticulous value for the clientele instead of just digging holes in your pockets. Our approaches are different that has one thing in common though that is covering the minimalist details and offer the best outcomes to you.