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Lips’ language to Lips’ ears
Two drinking each other’s heart, it seems.
Two roving loves who have left home
Pilgrims to the confluence of lips.
Two waves rise by the law of love.
To break and die on two sets of lips.
Two wild desires craving each other
Meet at last at the body’s limits.
Love’s writing a song in dainty letters,
Layers of kiss-calligraphy on lips.
Plucking flowers from two sets of lips
Perhaps to thread them into a chain letter.
This sweet union of lips
Is the red marriage-bed of a pair of smiles?

-         Rabindranath Tagore

Leo Tolstoy, the great writer once said that ‘The only happy marriages I know are arranged ones.’ In actuality if you see, all marriages are “arranged” marriages whether they are arranged by some website matchmaker, our parents, or by Mother Nature and her magic. In each case you are matched up with someone you don’t know and with who you need to – gradually and progressively – fall ever more deeply in love. Our week’s couple, Aashna and Soan, though did not have the dreamiest of falling in love sequences; nevertheless they had their stories written in gold since time before beginning. Now happy and settled, the couple had a grand and elaborate wedding, nothing like Safarsaga Films the best wedding photography has ever seen. Everything right from the bride’s and bridegroom’s attire, to the bridesmaid’s who stole everyone’s heart away, to the enthusiastic relatives, to the emotions that flowed through everybody, all these were the perfect ingredients to a big happy Indian wedding. With their attires perfectly blending, Aashna and Soan looked like they were indeed made for each other. They tied the knot in a Punjabi Sikh wedding arrangement and we couldn’t have captured the smiles and emotions any better. Apart from everything else, what stood out was the bridesmaid’s all dressed in similar clothes. There was a different charm about the couple and nobody could take their eyes off them. Safarsaga Films the Best Wedding Photographer in Chandigarh wishes them all the happiness and good fortune for the years to follow and it was an absolute delight working with not just Aashna and Soan but the entire family. Keep watching this space for the next story that Safarsaga would be capturing.

- Bhumika Kaushik

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