Safarsaga Films – Fashion Shoot – Fashion Photographer in Chandigarh

To celebrate modern women, who fiercely reflect independence and cohere cultural heritage, Safarsaga Films the fashion photographer in Chandigarh presents a blend of this mix in its own whimsical style of capturing the urban Indian girl.

This time we got the privilege to work with Ellmera Studio, who grandly worked on creating something that speaks volumes about elegance. Nazuk Jewels complemented their work of frame with an equally profound grandeur towards creating majestic jewels that reflected grace and charm of the bride.

With every new fashion photoshoot, we deem to bring forward something new. The designs from Ellmera Studio are a collection of timeless tradition clothing but with a dash of distinctive subtleties to it. Much to its addition Paveena Rathour did a fabulous job with the makeup and Himanshu Rathour with the hair.

Similarly, we crafted our art and broke the monotonous bridal shoot.

Brides are not just confined to wearing the perfect outfit with amazing accessories. She is more than that; she has the enigma, the grace, the elegance and the purity. All of this often gets coaxed behind the superficial things.

Safarsaga Films is a place where all these hidden attributes are surfaced to reflect the real you. It’s you and your precious time that we want to give it back to you in the most alluring art of capturing the moments.

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