Ria Malhotra, Nimrat Narang and Tanishka Sharma – Safarsaga Films – Fashion Photographer in Chandigarh

Drifting through the city
as clouds move closer overhead,
I linger at the jeweler’s window;
examine what's inside
nestled so comfortably
upon their plush
dreamy creamy cushioned beds.

Dainty diamond earrings
three thousand dollars plus
and oh! Those gemstone rings;
sweet smiling sapphire
emeralds lime-lolly bright
ruby blood spots in the gleaming light.

When they say that diamonds are a woman’s best friend they weren’t even a slightly bit wrong. And here we present you all something to drool over! A fabulous, of its only kind jewelry photoshoot. A phenomenal display of when classic meets trendy.

The classic collection that you can see throughout is brought to you by the Urban Glitter and let no inhibitions hold you back when you admire these beautiful pieces.

What makes this even more better are our talented models Ria Malhotra, Nimrat Narang and Tanishka Sharma who are slaying it all over. Adorning the brilliant jewelry and outfits by Spink these girls make you wish you were in their place. And how can one forget the brilliant make up that just adds cherry to this already tasty cake. Enchantress has made sure that the makeup was on point and the models look straight out of a glamor world. Safarsaga Films the Fashion Photographer in Chandigarh had a ball working in synergy with these great artists and we are delighted to bring to you the entire collection.

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