Mahakumbh – Event Shoot – Safarsaga Films – Fashion Photographer in Chandigarh

Safarsaga Films covered a fashion event by The EW Company of Rohit K Verma, an Indian couture celebrity fashion designer.

Let's talk about Mahakumbh. It is a concept created by Rohit K Verma where modern meets the traditional. He brought forward the different hues of our tradition and carved them beautifully into an authentic piece of contemporary clothing.

Giving more light on his Maha Khumb collections Rohit says, "People in India are very spiritual if you closely observe women their look, the ornaments they wear are largely inspired by goddess Parvati or Durga. I wanted to replicate our very own culture through my collections and what better than our very ancient Maha Khumb Mela which is on since ages in our country. I want people to relate to my collection. I am sure when my collection will be out people will love it and enjoy wearing it."

In modern times, on one hand, people are becoming more western whereas people like Rohit are one of those who is still deeply rooted in our Indian culture.

We were lucky enough to attend this event and also cover it. Rohit K Verma personally gave a shootout to Safarsaga Films the Fashion Photographer in Chandigarh on his Instagram account ( This is where feel that we are moving forward. The aim was to become embark a significant impact on people through our work from the beginning. We feel that we are on the right path to achieve that aim.

Talking about the shoot, not only it was really amazing but it gave us a new perspective. To cover something on this large-scale definitely, makes you professional and determined. And as soon as we stopped at the event location, we did nothing but observed and then created something that made us proud.

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