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Daakshita Kumaria, Janak & Mohita Nangia | Fashion Photography | Safarsaga Films – Fashion Photographer in Chandigarh

It is said that Bride is the woman with a fine prospect of happiness behind her. This is what Safarsaga Films tried to create with the actress Daakshita Kumaria in our Bridal Special shoot.

Shadab Nadeem | Safarsaga Films | Fashion Photography | Fashion Photographer in Chandigarh

Safarsaga Films is not only a step for wedding portfolios or wedding films or high-end fashion events but we also cater portfolios with equal dedication. Our team went to different places and assembled a sumptuous photoshoot that had a secretive and sneaky outcome.

Yashika & Ankit | SafarsagaFilms | Pre Wedding Shoot Photographer in Chandigarh

It was the usual gym day. Who could have thought that it was not a mere coincidence for them to meet rather it was the destiny that put Yashika and Ankit there. A new phase started where they laughed merrily and everything reminded them of each other. Unaware of their feelings, they started to reside in each other’s heart and their hearts fluttered whenever they met.

Brand Launch | Concept Shoot | Safarsaga Films

Safarsaga Films is a Chandigarh based wedding photography/filming venture that is a one-stop solution for your every photographic need. It is a venture owned and founded by an energetic female, Naina Nanda.

Naina Nanda | Founder of Safarsaga Films

Naina Nanda, a young zealot, is the founder of Safarsaga Film. Conjugated with her passion for direction, she decided to turn that twinkle into a shine and started her own venture.